Top Travel Tips for Europe to help you stay connected

Europe has some of the best sights and richest history in the world, making it a must-see destination, particularly in the summer. Whether you’re experiencing foodie culture in Spain, sampling wineries in France or enjoying the good life in Italy, keep these travel tips in mind as you’re planning your trip. Make sure your data

Mother’s Day gift ideas for moms who like tech & gadgets

There’s still time to select a great gift for mom.  And while flowers or chocolates are perfect for some moms, we know others love cool gifts that do more. Parrot Zik3 headphones Over-ear headphones can be uncomfortable and bulky, but these are comfortable and stylish, and can help mom block out noise when she’s trying

#TravelFriday: Aspen, CO

Aspen, CO lies along the southeast end of the Roaring Fork Valley in the beautiful state of Colorado. Today, Aspen is most known for its expensive real estate and as a playground for the rich and famous. However, Aspen indeed has a more humble history. Originally a miner town back in 1879 and named Ute

Trakdot Goes to Munich

Happy #travelfriday! Where in the world is Trakdot today? In the capital and largest city in Bavaria, Germany — Munich! This central city in Germany has a beautiful blend of historic buildings and modern architecture. Places to not miss are Marienplatz, Frauenkirche, Peterskirche, and St. Anna im Lehel. [Travel tip: Download the Architectural Tour of

International Travel Goods Show 2016

Happy Travel Friday! So, where in the world is Trakdot?

Well, the Trakdot Team spent this week in Las Vegas at The International Travel Goods Show.

We had an amazing week, met with some amazing people, and saw some amazing products.

See below our favorites from the show:


London, I love you

I’ve always loved the refined elegant city of London.  On my recent trip there, my love affair was reignited…here are some of the reason why I adore this city: HOTELS Brown’s Hotel Located on a quiet quaint street in Mayfair, yet it’s only steps away from all the action.  If you don’t stay here you

Know Your Rights When You Fly: PART 2

SCENARIO 1 Your flight has been delayed and consequently you will miss your event (the main purpose of your trip)…  rendering your trip futile.  Can you get your money back? YOUR RIGHTS —> Even though you have a non-refundable ticket, most airlines will give you your money back.  Check your carrier’s specific rules/regulations prior to

Know Your Rights When You Fly: PART 1

  So many things can go wrong when you travel; we’ve all been there.  Knowing your rights when you fly can help alleviate some of the stress.  Here are some common flight related mishaps and your rightful recourse:   SCENARIO #1 You are on a “domestic” flight and your luggage is lost. YOUR RIGHT—> You

10 Best Travel Apps You Need to Download Now

Having your phone at your fingertips is a must when traveling.  Here are some of our favorite travel apps that will help you plan, navigate, explore, and communicate when you are out of your element.       XE CURRENCY Having access to live currency rates makes this app a must have if you plan

Customer Success Story: Trakdot Saves the Day in Istanbul

Michael A. from NY shares a Trakdot story that reminds us “knowledge is power”. In this case, knowledge = Trakdot, and power = the ability to retrieve your belongings when you are at the mercy of bureaucratic mayhem abroad.  Thanks Michael! Last month I traveled with my associate, who also has a Trakdot, to Turkey